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'Play Based Approach'

The ‘learning through play’ concept, based on the Australian Curriculum, has been implemented at Bright Kids with the aim of creating a relaxed environment that will help the child develop morally, socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively. Whilst doing so, we ensure that our environment is stimulating, safe, and hygienic. We provide a child-initiated resource based programme where we structure a learning environment that encourages children to explore, experiment, make independent decisions, be creative and be involved in self-regulated learning. We believe that children learn best through a play-based curriculum that provides opportunities for discovery, wonder, exploration and interaction. We are skilled practitioners who support children’s developing working theories, and emergent literacy and numeracy development, within a social context. We use conversations and provocations to extend and enrich each child’s learning journey.

We provide space for different types of play with an environment that is rich in opportunities that stimulate and develop children’s senses e.g. books, games, puzzles, art, nature, sand & water, dough/clay, science/nature, drama, music & movement, construction, excursions etc. Additionally, we have an outdoor environment that challenges and develops large motor skills within the boundaries of safe and appropriate play.


“Play is the highest phase of child development at this period, for it is self active representation….play at this time is not trivial, it is highly serious and of deep significance” Froebel F (1892).

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