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The Director


Our Director, Dr S.Gungadeen, is the holder of a doctorate in Management from Murdoch University Australia, and is constantly engaged in research. His vast experience in teaching with a determination to improve the educational standard is indicative of the school’s continuous strive towards dispensing quality education.

Educational consultant


Our curriculum designer, consultant and resource person, Mrs L.Gungadeen, is a holder of two master degrees in education with specialisation in contemporary education teaching. She has taught in schools in Perth, Australia, for more than seven years and engaged with children worldwide. She has been in the education sector for over 20 years and still involved in teaching and learning activities. Her pedagogical approaches are innovative, constructivist and inquiry based to engage the child and retain their attention to the most.


The Centre Manager


Mrs S. Pittea is the manager of the centre and her experience in the early childhood sector of both Australia and Mauritius is commendable.  As a young mother herself, she is conversant with the needs of the child and is always responsive to their interests. With strong leadership qualities and organisational skills, she is able to create a positive working and learning environment which is pleasant and constructive at the same time.


Our Staff are:

  • committed to reviewing the school’s philosophy regularly and also through attending professional development courses, reading, peer mentoring, team reflection, staff appraisal to remain current about thinking on children’s learning and development.

  • committed and passionate in regard to their own professional growth and development as an important part of ensuring a high standard of teaching.

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