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Bright Kids focuses on various key domains of learning to ensure a holistic education, consisting of:


Number recognition, the four mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, graphing, sequencing, proportion, fractions.


Language and literacy

Reading, handwriting, listening, speaking.


Social sciences


Life skills

Everyday living, problem solving, organizing, sorting, managing.


Environmental awareness

Go green, recycling, gardening, composting,


Arts and crafts 

Collage, painting, colouring.


Shake and bake

A cooking class that teaches the importance of a nutritious lifestyle and a balanced diet. Designed as an educational activity, it aims at providing children with problem solving and life skills while having fun!


Messy play

Designed to stimulate all 5 senses and encourage children to learn through play. Once a week the Giraffe room rolls up their sleeves and immerse themselves into a world of creativity, mess, fun and understanding. Messy play provides our toddlers with a tactile experience, to explore different textures and develop their hand-eye coordination.


Picasso’s art time

Provides the kids with a creative outlet, to explore their creativity and individuality. Picasso’s Art time is a vital element to the Bright Kids curriculum, complementing our ‘learning through play’ philosophy.


Let’s squiggle

An art and craft activity that introduces toddlers into the nitty gritty world of art and creativity. 


Jolly Phonics

An introductory literacy program, which assists in the development of your child’s ability to hear, identify and manipulate words from a young age. Jolly Phonics use fun techniques such as poems, songs and rhymes to introduce children to the English language.


Fun day

One day a week Bright Kids plan a theme, event or party for our children and families to enjoy. We expect all of our staff to immerse themselves in the theme and turn Bright Kids into a Fun Day wonderland.

*Please view the Fun day calendar on the parents section and join us for a day of FUN!

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